FLUXUS INTERNATIONAL, experience above the rest


FLUXUS INTERNATIONAL is a company founded by Olivier-Charles Degen.


The quality of our professional know-how is based on our working methods, in which expertise and precision are the priority. We are constantly adapting to the specific needs of our partners and constantly strive to build long-term relationships of trust and cooperation.


Our rich and unique experience has been built through executive international roles in world-leading groups ( BPI-Shiseido, Hermès, LVMH Kenzo...).  

Our diversified backgrounds allow us to fully understand brand culture and also the uniqueness of each brand.


We bring you a comprehensive and pragmatic approach with our knowledge of the international markets. 


Our experience of piloting profit centres has allowed us to integrate all the essential aspects of successful development of brands - marketing, sales and financial - but also the dimensions of cultural management and intercultural relations.


Olivier-Charles Degen